Weekend Getaway @ Hadyai

Hadyai has always been a popular weekend destination to those staying in the Northern part of Malaysia, especially Penang and Kedah. So some weeks ago, I made a trip up north with my lovelies. Considered a super cheap trip as 3 of us shared a room (1100bht per room) hehe.. !

It was a breeze going past the immigration but it was quite a nightmare on the way home.  No idea why the queue was so fucking long, and we had to carry all our luggage with us while queuing up for at least 1 hour…… snail pace.. zz

#1 – First stop, Ha Sip Kau (59) as usual was awesomeeeeeeeee. Kerabu mango, Tomyam, Pork Knuckle, Crab Vermicelli and another spare ribs


#2 – Simple but delicious dinner at the night market. Thanks to Kim for the recommendation. This is pork balls noddle soup, tomyam style. You can choose to have pork base soup with a variety of noodles to choose from. Its in the middle of the food stall, first row facing the streets. So from where the tuk-tuk normally drop you off, its on the first row to your left.


#3 After night market, its Bird Nest time…!


#4 with 2 of my favorite girls, having a taste of the “tai-tai” life


#5 What is a trip to Thailand without a massage or two !!


#6 Pretty Raye is pretty. Even from such unflattering angle.


#7 Pork Leg Rice.. so YUMMY!!!  They already move from this spot, no point for me to mention where as I dont know where is the new place as well T_____T  You can try the one at Odean Food Court. Same level of yumminess!



#8 Group pichas at KFC 🙂  3 girls, a guy and a fried chicken place…


#9 Have you tried KFC spicy kerabu rice before? I never heard of it before but it is super yummy again. Its all about EAT EAT EAT in Hadyai. the salad on the side was delicious  tuna salad


#10 Im currently mad hatter after watching Running Man !! I’m obsessed in buying caps!! Anyway this does not belong to me .. :/


Never fail to eat non-stop when in Hadyai as there’s just so much good food to stuff ourselves silly. MCD samurai pork burger, MCD assorted pies, KFC fish burger, Sticky rice, coconut ice-creams, streets food, 7-11 food.. and the list goes on and on and yes, we did complete the mission!!

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