Welcome to my little blog.
I bet more than half of you guys saw my link from kennysia.com. =)
I’m overwhelm by the amount of traffic being directed here. A friend that appears to be more excited than me kept track of the counter and she told me that i had over 1000hits within a few hours. This morning i checked, i had over 2000 hits since last evening. That’s like so out of the world to me. *hyperventilates*hyperventilates*hyperventilates*
I was surprise that i actually won the challenge as i just manage to scrape in everything in a few hours time. Thanks to the collection of photos i had in my hard drive. hohoho. I din’t know bout it until people start sms-ing me bout it.
Here, i’ll like to thank those that send their congratulatory sms-es, even those that message me in friendster, friends that i haven’t seen for year. Gawd! Also to my family and friends that put up with my weird ritual of stopping them from eating their food so that i can get take a photo of it first.
Of course, thanks to Kennysia for giving me this 5 minutes of fame.
I hope you like it here and come visit me often =)

Hey, I need some help from you guys out there!!

Anyone can suggest to me places where i can go with nice buffet dinner, that can accommodate about 30 pax and in KL ?? I feel like trying Shangri-la’s buffet but can anyone tell me their experience there? Any other place will be nice, even restaurants.

Preferably, i need to know before end of next week! So i will leave this post sticky! Thanks alot in advance!!!!

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10 Responses to Welcome

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey …

    Shang is ok but bit pricy.. If u wan Jap food and reasonable price bout RM60 can try Shogun in 1U or Sazaki in UOA KL.


  2. tjunnie says:

    got to know ur blog from kennysia. i have to say that the penang food guide was all too awesome and i plan to go to penang after exams. Thanks a bunch ya.

    anyway in relation to your request, Shangri La’s buffet is one of the best but like the above poster, i have to say its pricey.

    lately, I tried out this hotel called Prince Hotel, located behind Eden(Chulan Square) and rather near Wisma Cosway and Menara StandChart (Cali Fitness). Price, im not too sure but pretty certain its cheaper than Shang but the food there is absolutely gorgeously good. The pasta station at the buffet has the BEST carbonara EVER.

    thats all that i can help.

  3. Joash Chan says:

    Eve, congrats on your new found fame. My boss took me for Shangri-la’s buffet and it’s really awesome!! It cost about RM90 per person, but it’s so worth it!! I would go again (after I lose weight).

  4. Eve says:

    annonymous: Yes, i tot of shogun also..

    tjunnie: You are very much welcome! i love carbonara too! I’ll suggest to my friends then. Thanks!

    Joash: thanks 🙂 90bucks…is jogoya better? hehe..

  5. Sasi a.k.a Saz says:

    simply awsome 🙂

    have you tried the nasi directly oppsite the floating mosque at the end of tg.Bungah ??

  6. Eve says:

    Hie Sasi, thanks! Yes, i had! but long time ago with my dad. I can’t really take spicy food u see.. =)

  7. adriano says:

    hey there..

    that’s not 5 minutes of fame from kennysia, it’s gonna be for a long time…u’re being humble:-)

    anyway, the guide to penang’s food was really comprehensive…i’ve been using it to find all the good food in pg. thx for it !

  8. Eve says:

    adriano: Helo, glad you find my list useful 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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