What do my birth DAY say bout me…..??

Is your birthday day 15 of the month?
Your Life

You are outgoing and love to be at the center of attention. From the
outside, you may seem flashy, flirty, and tricky but your true self is
strong, full of hope to be the leader. When you
fail to convince someone, you will get frustrated, and perhaps let your
temper shows.

Your Love

You are emotional. Many can win your heart at once, but not for long. This
is why you hardly win a decent relationship.

Is it true? Does what the prediction say is true about me? Let’s see….

Generally, I’m really outgoing!! I’ll get some souding from those that knows me if i say i’m not. but i Do Not Like to be in the center of the attention as i get really really shy. Reason being? I’m very self-concious.

Who dont get fuckstrated when you failed to convince someone of doing what you wan. Yes, i like to do everything my way but i’m stilll very reasonable.

My Love
This clearly explains to be why until today i’m still so god-damn single!! Should i tame myself?

should i? should i? should i? Do i sound desperate? Oooh, shut up, i know i do. Hmmm, maybe i should be this Desperate Housewife-wannabe! LOLzzz

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  1. Anonymous says:

    heheh…bodo…how to tame ur self?

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