What we ate in Siem Reap

Final post of SiemReap. Took me 4 months to complete *so ashame*

As the title dictated, it’s all about the basic food and accommodation in SiemReap!

We stayed at a really nice hotel – Borei Angkor Resort & Spa, thanks to my kind friend Sophal for hooking up a good deal for us 🙂  

One of the grandest in SiemReap, infact. If you are travelling with family, or middle age and above, i will strongly recommend this resort. For group of young people (like us 🙂 ) I will not as it’s not walking distance to the pubstreet, if you know what i mean. hahaha

Big nice cozy room with very a grand clawfoot bath and separate shower. The chambermaid even place my tiny pillow in the middle after tidying up. A cute surprise when we got back.

Variety of the breakfast is good but the same for the 4 days we stayed there. I always have the same stuff every morning.

Tip: Most hotel are willing to pack your breakfast to go if you inform them earlier. Occasions like you need to go somewhere far for tour or out whole day for Angkor Wat visit.

Since the distance of the hotel is not really far, about 15-20mins away, we returned for breakfast after watching sunrise at Angkor Wat. Omelette with cheese. Really good

Most, if not all, the restaurants are researched by G so thanks to her for all the yummy food! So here goes a long list of Fooooood!!

Blue Pumpkin ice cream!

Not exactly cheap, but not expensive either. You can find a few of this in SiemReap. A nice place to chill and cool off from the dust.

Khmer Kitchen 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE!!! I think they have a couple of branches as well. The one we went is nearby Pubstreet. I forgot which direction, it’s a corner shop.

So cheap and yummy! The dish in above picture is the famous local dish – Amok Fish. All the amok fish we tried in different restaurant looks and taste different, so no idea what the “real deal” is like -___-

Each dish comes with a bowl of rice. and each dish is like USD2-3 … very worth it.

Another good place to dine is Father’s Restaurant. We went there twice. It’s also next to where we rented our bicycles

Very easy to find as it’s at Central Market. Central Market is also one of the best place to shop for souvenirs! Better than the new market. I think the boys managed to bargain for Tshirt less or US1 for a shirt. Can try the springrolls and amok fish. Price acceptable, not more than $5 per dish

Ecstatic Pizza

Nice pizza, a drunken guy made some drama in the restaurant, funny to watch. Some old Eurasian dude so drunk, he cant talk or think straight. No need to have the “special ingredient” we see haha

As usual, sending a postcard back to myself 🙂


Dinner with my friend Sophal and wife. This is a restaurant with a cause as it claims to be a non-profit restaurant. There’s plenty of such establishment in SiemReap. Some con some maybe not.

Food wise, it was yummy! The fried corn is something like popcorn, must try. Frogs are also one of the yummy dishes we had. I think we ordered everything off the menu and tried everything. Recommended place.

The Touich Restaurant Bar

For the final night, we went to the most “atas” restaurant in SiemReap. Requires advance booking and most if not all patrons are dressed to the nines. I even spotted a guy in a full suit. The whole place is open air so i can’t imagine how warm that fella felt. They are able to pick up from hotel if you inform them earlier as well. In a jeep if you are in luck!

Service was really good. Very attentive as they gave us mosquito repellent hhahaha. Well the story behind was that, the owner will pay for some of the kids education and in return, the kid will have to work in the restaurant after school. In a way, its good as this will keep them out of the streets and provide a good exposure for the kids to practice english with foreigners like us and 99& of the rest of the patrons. 🙂

I really love the beef steak and the fish. Infact, i remember we all loved the food there alot! 🙂 Prices are reasonable around $5 and above.

The WORST meal we had throughout the whole trip was on the grounds of Angkor Wat itself. They have stretch of restaurant overlooking a lake and due to some misunderstanding with our guide, he somehow brought us to the furthest restaurant from the entire stretch instead of Father’s Restaurant -_________-

I dont recall any photos from there. It’s just horrible, and overpriced ! It’s also the most expensive meal we from the entire trip and we can’t even manage to finish our food. It’s that bad.

Bars at Pubstreets

The cocktails are all going at $1 for each. Need we say more? 🙂

Showing some bromance before wrapping up! hahha 🙂

I have to say the pizza at Le Tigre de Papier was amazing. Its located along the pubstreet. Really good.

I believe I can say on behalf that we all truly enjoyed the trip and cant wait to go back again. Like we said on the first night ” SiemReap is the new Bali baby! ”

Hope those who will go in the future will benefit from our experience! Have fun! 🙂

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