What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

[edit] This, i feel is a pointless post.

This is the 3rd time i retype this damn post. My keyboard(wireless) died on me the first time and then my pc kept on restarting by itself..*stabs the culprit in the face, whatever it is*

So everyone should know by now that there’s a war going on in the middle east. We all should start stocking our larder, just incase we kena food shortages, or any price hike again. Stock up on dvd/tvb series too so that we can stay home more and save money. hahaha

ARghh….i had to retype this so many times i forgot the purpose of this blog d….sudah offcourse. damn it…

My life recently has been filled with so much college work i lost track of everything. I have presentation for 3 days in a row starting tomorrow. I had to hand in 1 assignment like every week till the end of the semester. There are sooo much to read just to catch up on the lecture. I don have enough time to do all that…wtf…so sien…

Can’t blame not enought time also la, i doodle around so much also la…hahah…i have a very short attention span therefore i tend not to concentrate on something for long.

You know what i lack of in my freaking boring life?
A knight in a shiny armor… to sweep me away from my misery and loneliness… Since it’s the modern time now, i shall be swept away in a shiny bmw, hahaha. Then this blog will be shut down because i can rant and ramble all i want to MY guy *dreaming*

This life is getting so damn sad ok. I remember when the first Pirates movie was out, i got so much invitation to watch it, i had to watch it 4 times in the cinema. This time around, i practically had to sms and msn and ask and *beg* people to just go watch with me. wtf. Comparing then and now, my life is just getting more and more yawning. I got so sad and pathetic or not!! Most people i know now either going to watch with gf/bf/dar/ling/[insert] or potential/future partner. I dont fit into the picture anymore. Just let me be a lamp post enough la. Dont wanna be human anymore

De amour department in my life has been so blah, even my chimui felt sorry for me…She gave me a pink crystal apple*kisskiss* in hope that it will at least help me spark with some guy! =.= The problem is …there is no guy in my life right now that i want to spark anything with. Muahahaa… No one seems to be good enough for me. How now brown cow??
Do i really need to resort to a piece of round crystal in hope to find the speck of sunshine in my life?

I dont think so….Sometimes i feel they get in my way of living my life. Sometimes i feel they will anchor me down, so heavily i cant break free, i feel like suffocating. I wonder why single lady are called old maid or spinster while unmarried guy has a more glamour tag to it such as bachelor or stag(sounds so keng hor!??) No fair ok?? I’m the new age kinda girl…i do not live and breathe man. I guess i’m no little woman.

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