When Manchester United Kick Chaltron Ass..

I nearly died in the lift ala Final Destination style -_-

Like seriously!! I was getting ready for bed when Mr.628 and Ostrova, my housemate, decided it would be fUn to drag me out to the mamak to watch MU vs Chaltron match, at 3am knowing i need to be up at 7am….in my PAJAMAS!! Okla, i admit most of the time i go mamak in my pj’s anyway..hehe..So they succeed in draggin me out in bedhead, sleepy and all.


Comes the lift..and the door that opens slower than a turtle carrying a rabbit on it. We got it, and the guys start to joke that this would be Final Destination 4. I’m like wtf ok, we’re in this queerky lift during the 7th lunar month, don’t talk nonsense to me can??!!?

When we reach 5th floor, the lift was jerked upwards abruptly and got stuck. GREAT!! We are stuck in the lift, during the middle of the fucking night, in the eerie 7th lunar month…in the lift that my ex housemate(with 3rd eye) reportly saw things -.-||||||||

Making thing worse, the guys starts talking crap like what if the cable was cut loose. I mean, we can actually feel we are hanging..inside a box..and what if we really go all the way down the lift shaft. D Y = DIE!!

We pressed the alarm for quite awhile before some grumpy guard answer our plea and we waited for quite a while before the guard “rescue” us. During the wait, our phones has SOS ONLY signals, and we started discussing who to call…if it’s our last call being made in this world..

We had like only 1/3 of the lift space to crawl out because we were stuck in between 5th and 6th floor. DAmn sad right!! middle of night had to do such things wtf…Still shaken, we proceed to our fav mamak to watch MU in action.
Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney are out of the next three matches, meaning that Manchester United will be playing Charlton without two of their best players on the pitch. DAmn the first goal was superb! Seriously, getting pass 2 players..perfect scoring!! 3-0 ..best sekali!!

On the way home, we avoided the jinx elevator.. till now..i still avoid that particular lift if i can.. T_T


I’m so addicted to Hard Gay after Boss Stewie introduced him to me. Don’t know who he is??
Go youtube.com, search, load, watch and get addicted.


Will blog more okAY!


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7 Responses to When Manchester United Kick Chaltron Ass..

  1. thomasting says:

    you watch hard gay too?? LOLZ

    “hokay, hokay! HARD GAY!!” *shakes pelvis front and back*

  2. Eve says:

    I’m now dl-ing all of it *humps humps* HOoo!!!

  3. Din says:

    Did you watch MU against Watford last night? That was scary…

  4. Eve says:

    Din: Nop,wasnt free that time, but i did watch Arsenal one. Quite nice game to watch thou..hehe

  5. Jason says:

    So kelian ah, got stucked in the lift. Haha! Next time should bring your digital camera along to anywhere you go, you never know that might be your… Heh!

    I haven’t even watch a single match of EPL so far. 🙁

  6. angchoonseong says:

    man utd THE BEST! i think becoz of u trapped in lift..dats y flecther can tipu and score…wahahhaa…

    hope u kena trapped more so dat mr flecther can score more…

    …go study…

  7. aL says:

    omg! just imagine. halfway crawling out…the lift suddenly moves!!! wahahahhahahahaa! ops..sorry. =p

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