Whirlwind 2011

Seems like the year passes by in a blink of the eye.. cliche, i know.

If i were to sum up this year in one word, it would be changes.

Believe this year is where people around, including myself make drastic decision and big changes in their life. I believe and live by the motto, change is the only constant in life, so true especially for this year. Friends getting married, friends moving on with their life, career leap, relocation and much more.

As for myself, I decided to quit my job in KL and moved my base back to my dear hometown with has the worse traffic that I could have ever imagine. Probably one of my wisest decision this year. For now, I am enjoying my career. Very fresh, very new, very exciting, schedules are like a roller coaster ride with crazy work hours when nearing dateline but full of flexibility to be independent.

It was such a Fun year for me! For a start, i went to 4 concerts, which is once every quarter 🙂  Maroon 5, swooning over ever sexy Adam Levine. Eason Chen and Zee Avi was equally awesome with different feel. Cherry on top of it all was realizing my dream of watching Jacky Cheung!! Undeniably i grew up listening to his songs, naturally i become a fan. Sadly i couldn’t make it to any of his previous musical or concerts and was sooo happy that he made a stop in Malaysia again! He does not disappoint and will definitely be part of the audience for any of his future show in Malaysia. Biggest regret in terms of concerts was not able to attend Jason Mraz’s Asia stops :(((((

Then there was the Hot Air Balloon Festival and Orbing experiences.

Favorite past time for the 2nd half of the year. Red times with Kimmies ^_^

Addiction for 2011 was unmistakable Snowflakes and Chatime. Surely i am not the only one, the first one or the last here.

Earlier in the year, i ticked off another “want to/must do” in my life. Something inspired by this little cute guy here. never had regret

Now that I’ve passed a certain age in life, invitations to weddings are coming by the throngs. This year alone I’ve attended 8 weddings to be exact.. probably this trend will continue for a couple more years, then I’ll start attending baby showers and children’s birthday..haha. Not complaining though, i love to attending weddings, a celebration of love, a good excuse to doll up (^_^) and meeting up with friends and absolutely having some great fun!

From all the weddings, this was one of the most moving. Meeting up with so many of my old pals for the entire day, recreating the ending dance pose from our scout/guides days back in 2000. Most beautiful wedding overall still was Eunice’s wedding in Melbourne. Amazingly perfect!

What is a life journey for me without a splash of travelling involve? I got myself a new camera this year or rather MrSmallface got it for me ^^ Loving it till today, Sis even brought it to Nepal and Mt Everest. talk about journey.

Went to Hanoi, Vietnam for the first time with my family. A first after more than 1o years. Loving the beautiful place, would love to revisit someday!

Then it kinda seems like tradition for me and MrSmallface to go away for our anniversary. Last year in Sabah, this year in Taipei.

Revisited Bali again with some old and new folks, still the same old Bali. Would love to go again, well, I would love to go anywhere anytime again :p But come on, who can resist Bali ? Still so much left unexplored. I still want to go to the Rock Bar!! Unfortunately previous trip, i was just soo close but still failed 🙁 Must GO!

Short weekend trips


– Pusing, Perak. Kellis Castle

– Weekend getaway in a bungalow we rented in Taiping. Was suppose to sekeping serendah but they are so booked out, until next year!! Too much! Eventually decided Taiping was a great midpoint to meet for the folks from KL and Penang.

2011 has been good to me. Full of new start, new challenge, new experiences in life. Learn alot, laugh alot, weep alot – probably for movies -_- Grateful I had my family and friends around me for whatever reasons. Grateful I am still able to do what I want (well, most of it)

Come what may 2012. It may or may not be the end of the world, haha, life still goes on until its realized. For me, who live each day to the fullest, Mayan’s prophecy doesn’t matter. whatever happen, happens 🙂

My Resolution for the coming year is to stay grateful for what I have, and be more forgiving towards others.

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