* Happy Birthday Negarakuku~ I love my mamak food and many other foods. That’s what Malaysia is at it’s best to me.

Before i blog about Scotland and Liverpool, please allow me to introduce this lovely country side. This i must blog before i forgot the details.

Many may not heard of Whitby but the world biggest whaling activity was once here. Located in North Yorkshire, very near to famous Scarborough.

Captain Cook also set sail here before he found Australia. The remains of the famous Count Dracula was also believed to be buried under the grounds of Whitby Abbey. Hohoh..but i think it’s purely fiction. Most English people regard Whitby as the most beautiful seaside town in England. So i went along with the uni trip. A total of 5 coaches went, the most number in any trips it organized.

Anyway, it was a very frustrating journey there as we was stuck in a jam for 4 hours, which leaves us with only 4 hour to explore Whitby!! Blimey, we had to forgo the beach because there’s simply not enough time 🙁

Seaside places are famous for their seafood. Whitby is best known for their Fish n chips, scampi and oysters. This is Uk #2 fish n chips according to the plaque in front of the shop. Magic Chips. The # 1 is Magpie which is too full.

After climbing 199steps, we reached St.Mary’s Church.

The view from top of the stairs. *Click for better view*

and Whitby Abbey….a ruins of the magnificent medieval abbey. Its such a lovely weather, perfect to go trigger happy! Weee~~~ *click for bigger image*

We did jumped here!
And posed. I’m Goddess Eve, with my devotees and trusty assistants. hehee.. so lawak. All so immerse in their own acting.

Fluffy white ducks that waddles peacefully…. until i chased them while shouting “Siew Ngap Ah!! ” I think i scared the hell out of ’em. Hehe..Man, they look slow, but damn fast k..

The grass that are unprickly, and NOT insect infested. with my housemates + Mr.Wong

one last photo before heading to the pier. Rachael, SiewLing, Alan, Eve, Wong.

Took a boat trip that costed 2pd each. Consider cheap when they bring us out quite far out in the sea. As mentiond, lovely weather. Wasted we only had 4 hours. T______T *click for bigger image*

Lots of seagulls in Whitby waiting to swoop down to eat your food or poop on you =.= I KENA BOMB OK! wtf. But not very serious. it think the bird vomited or something. cos it’s easy to wipe off.

So long Whitby, if fate allows, we shall meet again 🙂 *click for my current wallpaper*
ps: I think all dogs goes to Whitby because i saw soo many different breeds here i was overwhelmed with joy. The people sure love their mutt. My camera was full of the doggie photo.

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  1. Des says:

    ovewhelmed with joy… nice to hear from u abt this… at least you’re enjoying now!

    nice breathtaking view i must say!!

    btw, i tagged u!

    give some time to do one back k hahaha

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