White Water Rafting & 1/4 Suplex

Woohoo~ Another part of my super fulfilling weekend. So many photos.

Desmond-T had already done a fabulously write-up on our experience, so hop over for a very information-pack post on it. I, on the other hand, will just note down those more memorable stuff on my own blog.

It was an early Saturday morning for all of us. Sg.Sedim is indeed a very “ulu” place. Well, not ulu, how to sustain the natural green environment nowadays? After about an hour of drive, we finally reach the place. Sleepy face everyone.

We decided to water raft straight away as it will take us around 2hours. Empty stomach here we go~

I wanted to chicken out at first because everyone’s has been telling me how dangerous and life threatening the sport is. Plus, I do not want to turn up at the dinner i was attending in the evening with bandages and plaster all over. Definitely not~ But i end up joining the guys~ and damn, am i glad i did.

It was an adventurous, and exhilarating experience. Prior to our adventure, we need to have the water confidence test. Heheh..Photo photo la dulu kan.. not everyday we get to take photo in lifejacket and helmets.

Me. making a splash. As usual, i scream all the way down. I’m afraid of heights wan okie.

The whole journey was driven by the adrenaline pumping within us. This is the most dangerous drop we encountered. Elbow Falls. Level 3.5/4. To estimate the height of this waterfall, you see the guy standing on the rock? He’s about 1.7m so you do the math!! Pretty high up huh! and it’s like we need to freefall from there.

A video of my raft going down. You can hear me screaming all the way. expected la :shy:

Anyway, my point is, in spite of the level of danger we are facing, i noticed that I still have not lost my sense of lenses pointing towards my directions.

Evidence #1.

Evidence #2.

Natural born camwhore :s

Back to the rafting, this is where Desmond and Sweeheng flung out of the raft and into the water.

The only 2 girls in this trip.

At the end of the day, no one was injured at least seriously. And we had the greatest fun together. I’m terribly proud that i went through all this. When i got back, only did i know that Sg.Sedim is actually fucking dangerous. Like Christal knew 3 people that hit their head while rafting because of how the rocks are =.=

This change to Suplex was a success!!

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2 Responses to White Water Rafting & 1/4 Suplex

  1. desmond-t says:

    Saw you linked my post via my WP dashboard incoming links… terus popped up here! Wahaha natural camwhore pulak… yea la..u don’t have to paddle ma…so of course you have the luxury to chill and relax a while.

    I was battling damn hard to balance kitty’s weight also… FORWARD!!! BOOM!

  2. wendy says:

    wow..i wanna tried dat before too but never got the chance..
    and yea,heard stories bout how dangerous and all but also how fun it is..
    glad dat u did it..hehe

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