Wong Sau Juien

Its been a long long time since i blog about happy stuff. So i shall make a short post on FOOD! Afterall, i am a glutton 🙂

Before that, I would just like to record in my blog that on Tuesday alone, i fell down the stairs, more like sliding down after tripping myself. I then proceed to quit from my job because i am on the verge of breaking down on Tuesday. Now i know why people can get suicidal.

Okie, back to foodies~ Me love lots..

The famous dish, wong sau juien (in mandarin). Very spicy to me (reads: mild to normal human) and sour-ish soupy noodle with fish fillets.

The very very very nice honey coated fried chicken. Very highly recommended. Obviously, it’s super crispy and had just the right taste of sweetness 🙂 🙂

Another obligatory dish from the shop which is hor fun with fish fillet. Something that i can eat also. Haha… I would say, it’s like steam fish with hor fun as side dish 🙂 Nice nice. i like also

Another dish is the Special Taufo, well taufu looks like taufu, so i did not bother taking photos as i was hungry myself then. It’s not bad. But, the portion for all the above is kinda huge and filling, so you’ll be stuff if you can finish even 2 dishes.

Happy People, attacking food oblivious bout the shutterbug sitting opposite them.

the address: Rangoon Road, right behing sim kim sua.

and i am not paid for this post, just wanna share the location of a really good nice food in penang.

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6 Responses to Wong Sau Juien

  1. wendy says:

    it looks so delicious..*drooling*
    u have to bring me there when im bck..haha

  2. GiN says:

    read it at work..already thinking of lunch d..shitz..2 hours more to go…

  3. ihsan_huhu says:

    gluttony is one of the 7 sins…


  4. Eve says:

    wendy: okok!

    gin: hungry leh..kekeke

    ihsan: canot taubat.not acs

  5. h3l3n says:

    i wanttttttttttttttttt!! *snif snif*

  6. christal.loh says:

    y in picture look so nice but when u bring me… it look so diff 1???

    cis.. i told my family… mana tau semua sudah pergi & commented biasa je…

    my bad brought me to this chu char before somewhere in Bt Lanchang… very nice fish.. next time we go…

    hope i still rmbr tho… lol…

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