Woohoo! 大日子

Last night, I FINALLY managed to get tickets to watch the much talked about 100% local chinese movie Woohoo!

Never expected that a local production would be so so sought after until i need to kept on trying to get tickets for 2 weeks. -___-

I thought after Yasmin Ahmad passing,  Malaysia movie industry will be bleak. swt

I was wrong! Woohoo was beautifully made!

Its was so funny, the lines are cleverly infused with local puns and jokes. Especially making fun oh Penang “slang”. Got Meh??? Abit Nia la… cis cis

Also contains  some moral values in it. Like bits about Family, ah kong, ah ma, ah pa stories. But all in all, very nicely made. (mentioned dont no how many times already :p )

The mood setting of the entire film is very nice as well. Don’t know how they are able to capture the beauty of Malaysia kampung life. It’s like 500 days of Summer minus love story, more localize

Some boring fact for those who might want to know before watching the movie


Director 導演 : Chiu Keng Guan 周青元
Cast: 林德榮 Jack Lim, 顏江瀚 Gan Jiang Han, 陳志康 Royce Tan, 邱文博Bernard Hiew, 楊佳賢 Jason Yeoh, 顏微恩 Gan Mei Yan, 曾潔鈺 Chen Keat Yoke, 卓卉勤 Vivian Tok, 黃一飛 Freddie Ng, 蕭斐弘 Siow Ho Phiew
Genre: Comedy, Family
Production: Woohoo Pictures, Astro Shaw
Rate: (U)
Run Time: 90mins

“Woohoo” (tiger dance) is a tradition practiced in a small village – Beserah, Kuantan during a praying ceremony every 60 years. As the only old-aged heir of “Woohoo” can no longer perform, his filial granddaughter put up a misleading advertisement which then attracted five youngsters from different background – Ah Beng, a bad-tempered bank security, Ah Huat, an indecisive Char Kuey Teow hawker, Rain, a sissy but soft-hearted designer, Bobby, a university student who likes to crap, and Alan, a show-off – to be trained as “Woohoo” players.

Now, go and support our local film!! Very recommend to all..

Happy super long weekend !!! Looking forward to 6pm today and going off work  hahahahha

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  1. Mr Huhu says:

    where to watch?

    Eve: Cinema..

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