*DivaLisa wasn’t happy at all bout my last post. She makes me unhappy by telling me so. Gahh!! Why u have to disapprove everything i do? * Btw, i thought i asked you to stop reading my blog!! Shoo!!

Enough of emo post ok? Lets move on to a happy post… =)

So last friday, it was the first time i actually boil some herbal tea. I made 2 big pots of chrysanthemum tea. So god damnn proud of me-self now =D
I know i know..even a primary school kid would be able to achieve what i did, but this IS the first time i boil anything for anyone and i did an amazing job, according to my “customers” . Happy Happy. I even happily exclaimed it to my cousin online

Me: *Nudge Nudge*
her: Hie
Me: Guess what!? I boiled some kek hwa today!! Wahahhah

I, thank god that i did not burn my hands or spill the whole thing over me while im at it. I sms-ed those i know staying around condo and invited them over for a drink. Hey, i did not force them to drink -_- they drink at their own will…
Drink they did and Thumbs up for me!! A pure noob in the kitchen ok..wahhahhaa The thing is, i only had a cup for myself because i was so busy filling up bottles and distributing it out to my friends. *pats self on back*

I did a good thing that day. Which makes me feel like cooking for everyone the very next day. I did made the effort to wake up early enough and went down to the market. But then, traitor friends suddenly decides to ditch me and sarah alone in setapak and went back to their hometown. No point cooking ady right, cos i planned on cooking pasta and i only know how to cook pasta in big portions. MEh!!

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10 Responses to wOot

  1. christalloh says:

    wah… eh.. boiling these kind of a drink are the easiest kay…

    cuma perlu air & bahan… then let it boil till ada taste…

    but i’m surprise bout it.. u boiling chrysanthemum (knew the spelling coz i did the menu for my dad last time, lol) & not boiling water with instant mee in it.. lol..

    take care & u really did all KENA FOOL? ,,, lol… but u i’ll always be here…


  2. CY says:

    Kekwaaa, satuuuuuuuu!! 🙂

  3. Eve says:

    christal: morning!

    cy: coming riiighht up!!

  4. CY says:

    Why is that someone telling you what to blog and what not to blog. It’s not right and it’s not fair to you. This is your blog and you have the right to write whatever you want.

    If she doesn’t like it she can start her own blog and write what she wants there.

    (Wah! Your kekwa dam power! ^^)

  5. Eve says:

    cy: she is my sister. Thanks!

  6. summer says:

    wat la…in pg din c u cook 4 us..boil kekwa put tarak…like tat call chimuis la…ish ish…i dun care…whn u come bak pg…cook pasta 4 us…

  7. angchoonseong says:

    u followed the instruction or not? 3 cawan water boiled till become 6 cawan then can dee…

  8. Eve says:

    summer: here, we cook our own dinner. At home, mommy cook ma..whahaha

    acs: 6 -> 3 or 3 -> 6 ???

  9. aL says:

    eh..u boil chrysanthemum tea nia ok. dont make it sound like u cook 8 course dinner k. blek =p

  10. Eve says:

    al:Boil tea = cook abalone to me. =P next time i really cook, u see nia, don eat..wahhaa

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