World Peace comes in Hot Packages now.

I just watch Miss Universe with my housemates. Ms Japan is just so damn effing HOT!! I wished she would have won the title instead of that 18 yr old puerto rican girl. Ms Japan is someone that looks like she just step out from Tokyo Drift the movie yet posses the grace of a beauty queen. She looks like she can kiss your arse if you mess with her. Ms Japan Rox!! Ms Japan is sizzzlling hot!! I like her…freaking LOTS!!!! Here is HER together with Ms KOREA, my homies..haha… Miss Korea not bad also…very typical korean looking gal, subtle, gentle, and soft. I dono why in this photo there’s a mole on Ms Japan’s face.

And another photo with Asian counterparts. Ms Malaysia kinda short ya..haha

Peace ya’ll! World peace!! *hand waving, throwing flying kisses all over*

ps: if you notice, the ms korea is actually ms china. i think, but the sashes confused me. i dont know..*shrugs*

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