Wouldn’t it be nice…

if i can still nap in the afternoon when i like…without worrying of being caught by the boss or not finishing my work.

or go to the beach with my baby jaz during some afternoon, instead of spending it being stuck in the jam on the way home.

i wish i can go home earlier everyday from work so that i can have more time for my own, rather than being labelled as workalholic and stay in the office more than 12hrs per day. I really do reminisces my time back in KL.

Speaking to my colleague on thing we had done in our life, places we have been to, experience we had, i really did not regret every single moment i spent. Considering i am among the youngest in the office, i dare to say i’ve done and seen more things than half of the people there. Thank god i have a set of parents that is so understanding, that does not set curfew on me and siblings, allowing us to experience life to the fullest.

So many things i can blog about yet so little time for me to do so. It has been a while since i’ve blog at this unearthly hour but i’m just home fr drinking with wanster and i had a great time going out with him and well, since i’m still awake, might as well jot down my thoughts.

However, i still wish i have more time to do other things so that i can blog all bout it. A memory stored forever. A memory that can be shared. How nice right 🙂

Things in life are so unexpected~~!~~~~~

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4 Responses to Wouldn’t it be nice…

  1. Wan Yean says:

    so this is what u do after drinking… bernostalgia about ur past.


    btw those folks are like stand up comedians. haha

  2. Coketai says:

    Go to enjoy your life, only one word of advice from me:

    Know the limit and be responsible on what you are doing. Once I have discuss the word ” Freedoom” with my daughter on my blog and I said that “Freedom” come with a price and responsibility and we always do not get the ultimate ” Freedom” So appreciate and respect the freedom you have.


  3. Eve says:

    wy: the funniest joke must be the Nicole – I’m so cold !! Damn spontaneous and funny lot!

    coketai: Thanks for the advice and for reading my blog 🙂

  4. WH says:

    Eh, which bunch are we talking abt? Sounds like a fun bunch. Can I get to know them? Got chicks with them ah?

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