Wrapping Up Year 2006

Can you believe it? In just a few more days, it will be a whole new year. AGAIN. Time flies. Definately. I still remember my new year celebration 2004 was very somber as all celebrations for the new year was cancelled due to the Tsunami incident. Another bad news is that on that night itself, i got a call saying a friend passed on 🙁

Reading my old friendster blog, i realize my english has deteriorate. Now my blog is like all capalang language but back then i UsEd tO TyPe LiKe ThIs oN My bLOg and thinks its so kewl -.-||

Last year i wrote

Time really flies. It seems like yesterday when i was clickin beer bottles with pling in sega. it still seems like yesterday for alot of things in my life cant believe tat a year has gone by..and i din really achieve much at all..shit!!!

A year older…but issit a year wiser? hahah

For this year i will berusaha to be a better me, if fates allow find a good lookin & *generous* other half try to get some A’s in my result, save some money and buy a digital camera! Go! GO! berusaha!! hahahah

Seems to me nothing much has change. Even the way i say things, “time flies”. Sorry, I’m not very creative when it comes to words. hehe. Out of the 5 resolution i made,

  • I successfully bought my camera!!
  • I hope i’ve been a better person >_< children’s shelter. I also offered to give free hugs but feedback is that i will kena tangkap by polisi =.=
  • I did not get A’s for my studies but at least i passed the 2 gruesome papers much feared by everyone taking my course, seniors included =p
  • Save Money? Come again???? – enough said-
  • Good Looking and Generous other half, i did found, Yup yup, handful of them everynight in my dreams. Too bad ler.
So what would it be this year? In addition to the earlier post i made bout what have i changed/achieved this year:

First Half
I officially started blogging at blogspot. Went back Penang for 3 loong loooooong months. Which i spend ranting and rambling almost daily here. Tasted my first Chocolate Fondue with dearies. Went indonesia after so long. I think most exciting and scary of all was that, one of my entry was copied and forwarded all over Penang and i suspect even malaysia. It’s was fucking scary. You can ask Edzil how scared i was then. My hair was permed into curly fries and i finally striked out Kerachut on my list of places to go. The rest was pretty mundane i guess, eat shit sleep stuff

Second Half
I can say that the second half of 2006 is pretty much occupied with assignments, tons of friends birthday parties, and WorldCup. WorldCup alone has taken 2/12 of my year as i was very into it, following almost every match. First time ever i was a fan of football and i was ever since. I also had a wonderful time in KL mostly because WilliamT was here with his smartcar and mad driving. There’s also a water cut for 3day at my place in kl. TORTURING 3 DAYS! As i said, the second half is filled with birthdays and also goodbyes(which i hate the most). SweetSarah, LadyCows, Spyder’s, Ostro’s and Mine.

Hey, i think this post is getting lengthy.

So did i had a good year? Looking back, i guess i did!

Resolutions for 2007 :

I’ll live my life as if it’s the last day of my life. Life is to fragile to fool with, so i will fool around when i still have. It’s seriously too short to NOT DO what you want. May I go places I’ve never been too, meet more interesting people, and do things I’ve always wanted to do but chicken out.

I hope YOU have a great year ahead!!

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4 Responses to Wrapping Up Year 2006

  1. aL says:

    Eppy Niu Yeerrrrr!~!

  2. angchoonseong says:

    yala…so fast already 1 and half year i left msia liau…
    wahaha…time flies…(there is no other words for that liau…)

    wish u a happy new year. Hogmaney! hehee

  3. CY says:

    Happy 2007, Eve!

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