Yesterday, Today. Tomorrow


hat trick
n. Sports

  1. Three goals scored by one player in one game, as in football.

I went futsal with my housemate, Ostrova and friends somewhere opposite my place. Wanted to pull out last minute but i bumped into him in the lift, shitz, no turning back. So, vroom vroom, Cheesy drove us there and met with my teammates. Felt sorry for them for having me, i’m so kaki bangku wan ok?!?! hehe, i was practically standing there only dono what to do. First time ever playing futsal or football or anything with foot + ball. I’m forgiven, God Bless Me.
So where does the above defination fits in? *shy voice* NO, i did not score 3 goals, but rather was kinda like the goal >.< style="font-weight: bold;" face="georgia"> PAIN AH!!!!!
Who wanna kiss it better for me? *offer still stands*

Being me *slowly standing up fr chair with proud look on face* I carry on playing without a whimper or tear. Haha…im that strong. I dont think foot+ball is for me, cos i fear i will trip over the ball each time it was pass to me, and it’s such a ROUGH game by…

The third time i was hit was when i was stood up in Midvalley. After futsal, i rushed home, get ready and quickly when to Midval ALONE, and i got stood up. wtf. I did not had breakfast, brunch or lunch yet. I was so hungry i couldnt take it anymore, i had to eat. FYI, i hate to eat out alone, in fact i never did because it make me fell very depressed. Like some old lonely ignored spinster. wtf. too hungry and alone, if faint how? So i went eat alone, faster find a quiet corner to sit where no one can notice me.

After gobbling everything, i had more energy to be pissed off. Looking at all the shops with the sale signboard couldnt even motive me to go in. Arghh! So i went straight home. cb. waste my time and energy. you think my place and midval very near ar?? i choose there cos i tot it’s nearer to ^your^ place!!


Happier today, hahah, because i get to go to my favourite mall. YAY~ So i fnally get to meet cK of together with my long time friend, Teng Dee + gf. Sorry, no photos taken today. HE say wanna remain low profile, sorry ppl~ *whispers very softly* truth was, i brought along my camera but forgot bout it the whole while, hahah~my fault la.

Was supposed to take around 20 minutes to reach 1u, but plus abit of sesatness we got there in 40, not bad whattt, for a girl from penang wiht no car in kl, whahaha. Then we spend another 40mins lining up to get lanun mia ticket, but johnny too hot d, all tickets finish before we can get ours o_O

So went window shopping abit before proceeding to William’s at Taman Mayang for scrumptuos dinner. Wau, i damn miss that place ok! I had pepperoni cabonara, the servings are so huge they can feed both me and fabio cannavaro ady. Somemore it’s so cheesy and creamy. Yummy *slurps*

Getting so fat, soon, i wont be able to see my feet…. -.-||


I hope i will have the time to post something i though of bloggin about for quite a period of time. So if it’s not tomorrow, should be up by monday kot, cos now got inspiration to blog after midnight.


Run along now….

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  1. cK says:

    yes yes it’s true we very low profile one. haha

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